Happy New Year!


Happy new year to you all!

With a strong sales performance in 2011 here at BTP we really feel we have something to build on. We are certainly looking forward to working hard to make 2012 a good year! Though the outlook from Europe is a bleak one and the talk is of tough times ahead, we are confident that with the continuous improvement in our quality of service matched by the continuous improvement in quality of our product, we can continue to see our sales figures grow.

November and December saw an encouraging number of enquiries come through that we are confident will come into fruition over the next few weeks. As well as record sales in 2011 we also saw a record number of new customers start dealing with us. This just goes to show that there certainly is still business to be found out there!

At Brass Turned Parts we are never content with what we do, no matter how good we may feel we are doing already, there is always room for improvement. So with this philosophy in mind we go into 2012 with continued investment in the latest prototyping technology and, by expanding our 3D modelling and design software we can accommodate our customer’s needs more effectively than ever before. Along with this we are also investing in technology to maximise our capacity and investing in people to get the most out of our team. By continuing customer service training as well as technical training courses we can only see our team’s ability to meet our customers’ expectations become even stronger.

Let’s make 2012 a good one!

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