Half Way There


With half the year done and dusted and the other half of the year to come, July is a perfect time to sit down and review what we have achieved so far, and plan what it is we want to do next. The factory has been nice and busy for the past 6 months and looks like it will remain that way for the foreseeable future. We began the year with some fantastic orders for large one off hotel jobs, this teamed with plenty of sustainable repeat and large volume work really gave us a kick start. After having a strong 1st quarter we went on to have a similarly strong 2nd quarter, and now with most of July out the way early signs show we can expect to maintain a similar level of sales throughout the 3rd quarter.

The past 18 months have vindicated not only our ongoing investment in new technology but also our continued improvements to planning, production, and training. By always keeping up-to-date with the latest technology and making sure our team have the relevant training, we can ensure we are able to offer our customer the best possible service. Over the past two years we have invested in the latest design and 3D modelling software as well as a 3D rapid prototyping machine to give our customers a truly in-depth bespoke service.

As well as evolving our design service we have also been investing in our manufacturing capability, with a new CNC vertical miller and Citizen Evolution A20 added to our arsenal we are able to meet customer demand better than ever before. To compliment our investment in new equipment we have also made some changes to procedure to streamline our production process. Furthermore we are soon introducing a new customer relationship management system to support our team and enable us to continue to offer the highest level of customer service possible.

All these things helped 2011 be a record year for BTP and now we look set to maintain that trend and hopefully achieve a third consecutive year of growth, bringing us out of the recession stronger than ever.

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